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The Manger Christmas Float

General instructions
for how we built the “Happy Birthday Jesus” Manger Float
Simple:  it's a wood frame, 2x4's, then cover with painted cardboard, stapled on! It was only for looks on the outside, but the wood frame was strong and stout!
Here are some of the additional materials we used
·        White sheeting
·        Red metallic fringe drape
·        Silver festooning
·        Red metallic tableskirt
·        Stretch wrap
·        Metallic aged copper spray paint
·        Bright gold spray paint
·        Chrome spray paint
·        Spray adhesive
·        Staples
·        Gallon high def red paint
·        Pvc new work box
·        Wingnuts
·        Resi receptacle 270a-sp-l
·        Paintbrushes
·        Red glitter
·        Gold glitter
·        Purple glitter
·        Music CD
·        Hay
·        Lowes Home Improvement
·        Kit Kraft (
·        Murdock Mendelsohn (
Here is a link to a video to give you a better perspective. If you have trouble with this link, just go to our facebook page. It was posted in December of 2011.
It cost us $1207.00 to build. But after donations and prize money we ended up only being out of pocket $418.00.
Here's a few pictures to show the process: